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Tom Bonick and the 4-ever changin Band



R. TOM BONICK: Vocalist (4- Ever), Local TV(AT&T & Comcast) and Radio personality (Huntley Community Radio). Tom has been performing vocals for 20+ years and done more gigs than he can even count covering 60's to current rock and blues tunes.  But it is his originals that he is most proud of. His soulful lyrics, powerful vocals and high energy stage presence has been his fail safe recipe for success. He has won over the hearts of many followers and the band has become one of the most sought after acts in the Chicagoland area. 

MR. AARON HERMANN:   Guitars, vocals. Who needs 2 guitars when you have Aaron! Playing since he was born he developed a style that is Hendrix meets Stevie meets Clapton meets Page meets everyone in-between playing every bar, club and roadhouse in the Midwest.  Along with his blistering lead solos, Aaron is one of the top and most sought after guitar players around. 

MR. BART BORCHERS:   Bart, a bold bassist known for the rhythmic sounds on his Music Man Bass, has music in his D.N.A.  He has played recreationally and professionally for over forty years in bands and with family in the Chicagoland and Southeastern Wisconsin areas.  Bart has even played for Ted Nugent's sister's wedding, witnessed by The Nuge himself.  His sound is influenced by the likes of Grand Funk Railroad, Led Zeppelin, Jimi Hendrix, and Santana.  Bart continues to play with the same passion he had decades ago. 

MR. MIKE GHILARDI:    Percussionist for over 40 + years.  He has been associated with St. Michaels Chi-Angels Drum and Bugle Corp.  He has also performed on the percussion line symbols with the Chicago Royal Airs and has perfomed at many nightclubs throughout the Chicagoland area.  He has performed many drum styles with his preference being rock and roll and  R&B.  He is the man with the sticks who does the tricks and keeps the time that is so so fine for the 4-Ever Changin Band.
                                                                                     BAND REVIEWS

  Local TV and radio personality and long time musician, Tom Bonick, has assembled an All-Star band that we are here to tell you rocks and rocks hard. The 4-Ever Changin Band sports veteran lead guitarist, Aaron Herman, has spent decades honing his skills and is always demonstrated it in a big way. Aaron is multi-talented and brings to the party great vocals and a very cool integration of fuzz tone, wha wha and whammy bar. Keeping the beat with all pro style is all pro drummer, Mike Ghilardi who is a master percussionist and will beat on anything that has a skin cover on it. His work with conga drums is just over the top with cool sounds.  The 4-Ever Changin Band relies on Bob Kearns to always bring the low tones to the party. We have seen Bob performing on stage for a long time and absolutely love his style of bass playing. Whether it is rock or blues he enjoys it all as shown by his ear-to-ear grin. The leader of this merry band of minstrels is Tom Bonick who is just a natural born entertainer and has been blessed with a remarkable voice that he has spent a lifetime perfecting. Hi's, low's and everything in-between have been mastered by Tom, as this cat can hold a note longer than a slow freight train to Memphis. The 4-Ever Changin Band covered lots of 60's and 70's rock and blues tunes, but it was their work on Tom's originals that really got our attention. Tom's soulful lyrics, coupled with this high powered band, are a fail safe recipe for success. Hard to believe this band has been playing together for a short time but has won over the hearts of many followers and has become one of the most sought after acts in the area. Head out for a night of fun with the 4-Ever Changin Band and look for us!! Rock On.
                                           Wassup magazine article written by Da Rock Critics       

 Can Of Man

 I Don't Luv U Baby

 I Gotta Woman

 Singing Machine

 Work Days Over


August 14, 2014
     Cuda's*******    Beginning of week celebration of
                       TOM BONICK'S BIRTHDAY
        27045 Grass Lake Rd 
         Antioch, IL
            8pm - 12pm

        August 16, 2014
       1122 Lee St
         Des Plaines, IL
          9:30PM - 12:30AM

       August 17, 2014
   DWIGHT HOUSE*********          
35366 N. US Hwy 12
          Ingleside, IL

         1:00pm- 2:30pm

         September 13, 2014
         CUDA'S **********
         27045 Grass Lake Rd
         Antioch, IL



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